Kim has been actively involved with real estate for 17 years. As far back as 1989, Kim and her husband, Dave, began purchasing and renovating residential property. They did this while working full time and raising four children. From these experiences Kim learned valuable critical thinking skills, successful multi-tasking, and how to nurture relationships. Their children have grown into independent, well-adjusted young adults, so those skills seem to have paid off.

Probate and Trust Help Case Study

Probate and Trust Property Sale Case Study

Probate and Trust Property Sale Case Study The Challenge Lucie Wyatt passed away leaving her 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Escondido, CA home to her daughter Carolyn Knudsen who lives in Big Bear, CA and her son, James Wyatt who lives in Placerville, CA. Their attorney Dennis Hasty suggested that they speak with a Real Estate…

1534 Monitor Road

1534 Monitor Road

1534 Monitor Road is a cozy 2 bedroom 1-1 2 bathroom over 1 000 square foot home has hardwood floors and an amazing deck view The kitchen has access to the side yard with covered patio.