Kim has been actively involved with real estate for 17 years. As far back as 1989, Kim and her husband, Dave, began purchasing and renovating residential property. They did this while working full time and raising four children. From these experiences Kim learned valuable critical thinking skills, successful multi-tasking, and how to nurture relationships. Their children have grown into independent, well-adjusted young adults, so those skills seem to have paid off.

Challenge, Strategy and Results

Case Study: Trustee, Reverse Mortgage & a Time Limit

  Trustee Challenge   CASE STUDY Probate And Trust Help DeLoris B. – Trustee The Challenge Attorney Marvin Errickson introduced DeLoris to Kim at the beginning of December 2012.  She and her husband Dennis live in Minnesota.  DeLoris had been appointed as the successor trustee of her father-in-law’s estate.  Besides the geographic challenge, there was…

Wise man by r8r

Peace Of Mind

  Peace Of Mind   Once, a wise man was walking from one town to another town with a few of his followers. While they were travelling, they came upon a lake. They stopped there and the wise man beckoned to one of his followers, a particularly eager-to-please young man. He said, “I am thirsty.…

Challenge, Strategy and Results

Case Study – Probate And Trust Help

  The Probate and Trust Challenge   Her attorney Pamela Fairley introduced Sindy to Kim and the Horizon Real Estate team. Sindy’s mother had passed away, leaving her possessions to her two children. Mark, Sindy’s brother had been residing in the home for some time. Sindy had been appointed as Executor for her mother’s will…