Topics and Tips for Going Through Probate and Trust Sales

Inventory and Appraisal of Estate

Inventory and Appraisal of EstateI came across this article written by San Diego attorney Stephen C. Ross explaining San Diego Probate Inventory and Appraisal (I&E). He explains the timeline for the San Diego Probate Administrator or Executor to complete the inventory, why the inventory is important and the current fee for filing the inventory with the San Diego Probate Court.


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How is a San Diego Trustee Paid?

How is a San Diego Trustee Paid?How is a San Diego Trustee Paid? When appointed to be the trustee of a San Diego decedent’s trust, the San Diego trustee takes on liability and is accountable to the beneficiaries. Because of the work involved with being a San Diego trustee, the trustee should be paid. It is important that the San Diego trustee understands the payment must be “reasonable.”
So what’s reasonable?:

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San Diego Probate Executor Tips

Tips for Probate ExecutorsJust came across this blog post on the Internet of the sixteen tips for San Diego Executors on how to settle an estate. San Diego Executors are frequently wondering what is the next best step towards completing the responsibility of being the trusted person for a loved one who passed away.

Of course this is an overview of steps to be considered when dealing with a San Diego probate, always consult your San Diego Probate Attorney.

San Diego Probate Executor Tips:

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Things to Know When Selling a San Diego Area House in Probate


It’s important to know that most Executors and Administrators choose to sell the San Diego probate house during the probate process. When it comes to the probate documentation when selling the probate house and acting as the personal representative for the estate, and you choose to work with a San Diego Probate Real Estate familiar with the process, you are protected. As the San Diego Executor or Administrator you are exempt from much of the traditional disclosures associated with selling San Diego California real estate.

Check out this article to learn more about selling San Diego probate real estate:

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A Quick Overview of the California Probate Process


San Diego Probate isn’t as complicated as in some states, but it can be pricey. Apparently the attorney fees can be a flat fee or hourly for probate work in other states.

In California the fee is referred to as “statutory fee.” It is an amount that is a percentage of the total value of the assets that will go through probate. The same statutory fee is awarded to the person that is appointed the personal representative as the Executor or Administrator of the San Diego Probate. For the fee schedule and more information, visit

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What is a San Diego Probate Referee?


Probate Referee

A probate referee is appointed by the Probate Court to appraise the value of property. Once the value is established, the Realtor should guide the personal representative to accept an offer to purchase within the guidelines set by the Probate Court.

There are many San Diego probate referee’s to choose from. To access the California Probate Referees Association go to:

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Preliminary Tips When Going Through San Diego Probate

Probate ChecklistA Probate Attorney outside the San Diego area wrote this article and it has some great information to help the San Diego Executor or San Diego Administrator learn the basics of the probate process including the difference between intestate (without a will) and testate (decedent leaving a will) and how the San Diego Probate Court will handle each.

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Tips on Avoiding Probate

This well-written article “Tips on Avoiding Probate” explains how to avoid probate and California probate expenses. As a San Diego Real Estate Broker specializing in San Diego real estate involved in probate, I can assure you that real property prices in San Diego are typically greater than $150,0000. If the “tips” haven’t occurred, the house may need to be sold during the probate.

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