Kim Ward, A Published Author

I’ve been helping executors and administrators with what to expect through the probate real estate process for over 15 years. You’ll discover how to have less stress by understanding probate time lines, how to minimize family issues, how to save hundreds of dollars in property taxes, learn about investors, personal property options and more.

Trustees will appreciate this book with information that could make the process of preparing, marketing and selling a loved one’s home simpler, for them. It also includes tips, photos, real seller stories, plus insights and accurate information. I’ve also included important information on how to save hundreds of dollars in property taxes, options for loved one’s personal property and more!

I wrote How to Successfully Sell Your Home to help home sellers prepare, market and sell their home. Included are years of experience and expertise helping my clients who choose the “easy button” by choosing my team and me to help them sell. There are tons of tips and photos showing how to prepare a home to get the best price, in the least amount of time, and a minimal amount of stress.