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Hoarded Probate Real Estate: How to make the most money from a hoarder home

Hoarder homes have become a popular subject in the last decade or so through reality TV. However, TV never tells the whole story and often times relatives, friends, and family of the hoarder are given the responsibility of preparing the hoarder home for sale on the real estate market and managing all the personal belongings after death. Click here to learn more.

Why Selling to Probate Real Estate Investors is a Huge Mistake

Why is selling to probate real estate investors a huge mistake? Watch this video to find out…

5 Risks of Overpricing a Home in the San Diego Housing Market

It happens to the best of us, we think that our home is much nicer than the one next door, and of course, then we think our home is worth much more than it may be worth in whatever market there is. Want to know what you can do about it? Then read this…