Kim has been actively involved with real estate for 17 years. As far back as 1989, Kim and her husband, Dave, began purchasing and renovating residential property. They did this while working full time and raising four children. From these experiences Kim learned valuable critical thinking skills, successful multi-tasking, and how to nurture relationships. Their children have grown into independent, well-adjusted young adults, so those skills seem to have paid off.

Why Sell a House in Probate

Why Sell a San Diego House in Probate?

As the San Diego Executor Why Sell a San Diego House in Probate?   A San Diego probate is applicable when a decedent left a will that must be executed by the person named in the will. After having been confirmed by the San Diego Probate Courts, the San Diego Executor becomes responsible for fulfilling…

Moving Boxes

Moving My San Diego Real Estate Office

Moving is a challenging task. It’s been over five years since my husband, Dave and I moved to our current home in La Mesa, CA with our youngest son, Logan. My family and I have moved many times including across the country from Ohio to San Diego. Moving brought up memories of all the friends…

Staging Sells Real Estate

Staging a Home to Sell

  Staging a Home to Sell   Experience shows staging a San Diego home can increase buyer interest, entice a quicker sale and ultimately a higher price. San Diego home buyers can only see what is, not what a house can be. As an Accredited Staging Professional I know it is important to “set the…