Kim has been actively involved with real estate for 17 years. As far back as 1989, Kim and her husband, Dave, began purchasing and renovating residential property. They did this while working full time and raising four children. From these experiences Kim learned valuable critical thinking skills, successful multi-tasking, and how to nurture relationships. Their children have grown into independent, well-adjusted young adults, so those skills seem to have paid off.

How Much Does A San Diego Probate Cost?

Frequently calls come in from San Diego probate executors and administrators, and one of their most common question is: how much will this San Diego probate cost? This is a great time to give basic answers to the question, and links so that you can get updated and accurate information.

5867 Del Cerro Blvd

This home has a wonderful floor plan. No homes behind and spectacular view to the south. The living room has a stone fireplace with raised hearth and hardwood floors. Updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances and beautiful countertops.

San Diego Probate Real Estate Notice of Proposed Action

When becoming responsible for a loved one’s San Diego probate real estate, you may have heard your San Diego probate attorney talk about a Notice of Proposed Action (NOPA). The notice must be in writing, and sent to the interested persons, the heirs or beneficiaries, or anyone or any entity, requesting special notice of the San Diego probate proceeding.