Troy, New York
San Diego Probate Seller

My name is Bob Dorney and I live in Troy, New York.

My New York attorney, Fred Fowler contacted my brother’s San Diego, California probate attorney, John Grier and that gentleman gave my attorney some information regarding Horizon Real Estate, Kim Ward and in San Diego.  Fred contacted Kim and her organization and they took it from there; everything worked out quite well.

The way I felt was kind of walking down a street and didn’t know who I was going to meet because I didn’t know anybody out in San Diego, California.  I didn’t have any relations in San Diego except my brother and he had passed away. When I contacted Kim and Horizon Real Estate, I was completely put at ease and all of my apprehensions just disappeared because my attorney and I could tell that we were dealing with very, very efficient and quality people.

When we initially met, I was looking for someone to help me because I wasn’t able to go out and settle my brother’s affairs; I was looking for someone that I could completely trust and have faith in. In one of the conversations I had with Kim, I told her that “I don’t want to rob you and I don’t want you to rob me.  I just want what is fair for both of us.”  And that is what I got … 100%.

My concerns about the personal property in the house were that I had never been in the house and I didn’t know what was there.  I got a few things sent to me that were personal and that I thought I could use.  And the rest of the stuff was disposed of through people that Kim Ward knew and I feel as though I got a fair price for these items.  Frankly, its like an albatross was taken off of my neck now that I’m not dealing with the personal property.

I got everything that I was looking for and even more.  I am 3,000 miles away and one of the big things was that I needed to get rid of my brother’s home because I had no need for it.  I had no idea of just how long this was going to take to do.  And to my amazement it was a very, very short time and everything was as smooth as ice.

What I liked best about the Horizon Real Estate team and their was one, their honestly and integrity; and two they certainly kept their word as to what they were going to do.  If they said they were going to call, they called.  If they said that they were going to do this, they did it.  They did everything very, very efficiently.  All of this went through without any kind of stress or anything at all. It was really really good.

I absolutely would recommend Kim Ward and Horizon Real Estate to anyone whom I felt needed that kind of working relationship and that kind of Broker/REALTOR.