Dear Kim,

When our home was ready to be listed I had almost decided who I was going to list it with – and we had never even met.

We received numerous calls and letters from real estate company’s, broker’s, investor’s. One of the letters and newsletters,(about five of each came from you) caught my attention.

I had asked my attorney if he knew of anyone in that area(Escondido) and up came “Kim Ward.”

When we finally met we listed the house the same day!

I can’t say enough about how well she handled the listing from start to finish. It sold in about a week or so.

“She did the whole nine yards.” That’s a phrase  from the 2nd World War. When U.S. fighter planes loaded with 9 yards ammunition left to go on a mission – when they returned they were always asked how they did – they would say “we shot the whole nine yards.” Like Kim Ward, they did all they could do. It’s a phrase still used today.

Kim did all she could do. The listing, liquidation of furnishing, getting it ready to show, ect. – in other words – The whole nine yards.

I would list with Kim Ward again if I needed her professional help.

Thanks again Kim!!!…Bernie & Carolyn Knudsen