Jeffrey Thornburg says…After 52 years in their home we moved my elderly in-laws to a local assisted living facility where we can help with their care. We needed a long-distance sale for the home and help with the move-out. I interviewed three real-estate agents but one agent stood above the others early in the project. Kim Ward at Horizon Real Estate prepared a detailed plan that included listing details, staging, and improvements and she made suggestions that would result in a fast sale. She did not make promises she could not guarantee and she offered a realistic estimate of what we could expect. What separates Ms. Ward from typical agents is her experience, knowledge, and attention to the details. Ms. Ward was attentive to my requests and she included those details in the listing.
The home needed a lot of work and I elected to do the cleaning, repairs, and installation of new flooring myself. But with help from her hard working assistant Ms. Laura Massey, Kim transformed the dated 60’s décor into an updated look preferred by most buyers. They prepared an attractive slide presentation and advertised the home on the MLS at a fair market price. They provided me weekly progress updates and organized almost daily showings. In a mere 30 days, Ms. Ward expertly negotiated several purchase offers and coordinated all inspections and appraisals. The result was a fast sale at a great price for this location with minimum hassle for the elderly sellers.
No matter what the circumstances, you will be pleased with the services provided by Kim Ward and Laura Massey at Horizon Real Estate. I am happy to recommend them for all residential or commercial real estate transactions.